LRC Leader Info

LRC Leader (message #1)

Hey Lady!

Thank you for embracing the LIVE RICHER Challenge and for taking on a leadership role. The purpose of this email is to outline the next steps for you as an LRC Leader.  

Of the thousands of women signed up for the challenge, you are one of the 70 women that have been chosen to be an LRC Leader. As an LRC Leader, I'd like your help spreading the word about the LIVE RICHER Challenge. One ways you can do so is by registering your LRC Sisterhood.

Your Sisterhood is a group of 10+ women that will hold each other accountable throughout the challenge. Before registering your sisterhood, please make sure that all of your sisters have individually signed-up for the LRC at

Once they do, please use this form to sign-up your LRC Sisterhood,

During registration, you’ll be asked to name your Sisterhood (ex. Frugal & Fab), and to list the names of the women you’ll be working with. So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to get your girls on board the LRC.

I’m so happy that you’re on my team. I know together we can achieve greatness and change so many lives with the LIVE RICHER Challenge.


Live richer,