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LRC Leader (message #1)

Hey Lady!

Thank you for embracing the LIVE RICHER Challenge and for taking on a leadership role. The purpose of this email is to outline the next steps for you as an LRC Leader.  

Of the thousands of women signed up for the challenge, you are one of the 70 women that have been chosen to be an LRC Leader. As an LRC Leader, I'd like your help spreading the word about the LIVE RICHER Challenge. One ways you can do so is by registering your LRC Sisterhood.

Your Sisterhood is a group of 10+ women that will hold each other accountable throughout the challenge. Before registering your sisterhood, please make sure that all of your sisters have individually signed-up for the LRC at

Once they do, please use this form to sign-up your LRC Sisterhood,

During registration, you’ll be asked to name your Sisterhood (ex. Frugal & Fab), and to list the names of the women you’ll be working with. So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to get your girls on board the LRC.

I’m so happy that you’re on my team. I know together we can achieve greatness and change so many lives with the LIVE RICHER Challenge.


Live richer,


LRC Leader Invitation


Hi Lady,

Congratulations, you're one of the first women to sign-up for the LIVE RICHER Challenge. As a result, you are now an LRC Leader! (more about that later)

The Live Richer Challenge is going to help you, along with 10,000 other women, work together to gain control of your money in 36 days... for free. Not sure how the LRC works? Click here to learn more.

At some point you have probably asked for help with your finances, yet still felt lost. I too have felt like that, and it wasn't until I made financial freedom a group activity that I began to see results. That's why I started The Budgetnista and the LIVE RICHER Challenge.

This is a sisterhood where you will be held accountable, encouraged and understood. Over 1200 women have already signed up for the LRC! Because you've committed to the challenge early, I'm inviting you to be an LRC Leader.

What being an LRC Leader means:

- You form a team of ten women (your personal, financial sisterhood). Although all 10,000 of us will work together, you and your sisters will serve as each other'sLRC accountability partners. Each woman in your sisterhood must be signed-up & registered for the challenge.

- You get special perks like: free, LRC Leader- only, online classes, resources and giveaways before the challenge begins in January and more fun swag during the challenge.

Here's how to form your LRC Sisterhood:

1) Personally reach out to at least 9 women (your friends, co-workers and family members) and help them sign-up & register for the challenge. Save & share the eflyer below and spread the word in person, via email, social media etc.

2) Add a personal message when encouraging your sisters to join you.

3) Chat with me via social media. I'm The Budgetnista or @thebudgetnista on every-thang! twitterFBinstagram use #LIVERICHERchallenge

 Before we wrap, I have gifts... :)

As a thank you for being an LRC Leader, you will receive your very own LRCavatar! (ex. see mine below). Send your picture and name to LRC team  member: and she'll get your avatar to you. You can use your avatar as a Facebook profile picture, post it on Instagram and share it on twitter etc.

Also, here are my, "Top 10 Tips for Managing your Budget". These tips will help you prepare for the LIVE RICHER Challenge.

Lastly, I made a video to help you raise your credit score as much as 100 points in 1 year!

Watch How to Make Your Credit Score Jump Like Jordan here:


FYI: Keep an eye on your inbox. I'll be sending you more resources leading up to the challenge.

So don't forget:

- Click, save & share the eflyer below

- Form your sisterhood

- Get your avatar

- Share the LRC

Live richer,

Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche

(p.s. if you haven't completed the LRC registration survey, please do so here)

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